Thursday, October 15, 2009

Battlestar Galactica (redux)

Battlestar Galactica the vessel is no more, but there are still lots of cats in this alley and at least one colony. I'll keep calling it B.C. even though some of our trappers (you know who you are) are not giving imaginative BG-themed names. (This same trapper had to be dissuaded from naming cats with a letter plus a number -- love you, DH, but really!) Trapping last night has yielded more cats. The white cat is Celia (a boy) ... TNRed! He went in every baited trap last night and even tolerated being picked up and moved around. Another cat, possibly Mom, is still out; she has an abcess on her cheek so when she's caught she'll go to Treehouse for her surgery/check-up.

Celia checking out the grub:

Ronnie and Moggie:

Here is Ronnie entering the trap:

There's room for at least one more kitten under this bed! We'll catch that Moggie soon! (The third cat pictured here is Terry who was trapped the first time around in this colony the other night)

Thanks to Ginny for the recent donation.


Peggy Mason said...
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Diane H said...

Sometimes a name is just a name.

Steph said...

Is the black and white cat a kitten? Stephanie- still missing my black-and-white Bullet (notice posted earlier in the blog).

I can't see his belly, but the yellow eyes and stripe down the nose are right...

Anonymous said...

They're all adorable. Deb J