Monday, October 19, 2009

Shakespeare's Garage updates

As we reported, Shakespeare's Garage held at least two adult cats and five kittens. One adult cat (male) tested positive for FeLV and was euthanized. By going out every night in rain and sleet, etc., four of the five kittens have been trapped. We now have Toby (pictured below), Andy, Curio, and Valentine inside. Mamma cat (Olivia) and the acrobatic black kitten, Feste, continue to elude us.

We are in need of foster homes! If you have a safe indoor space and want the joy of helping move a kitty from the street into a home, contact We also desperately need help transporting these kittens to vet appointments! Do you have a couple hours to donate to the cause? We need you!

Viola and Sebastian, now Leonard and Cohen, who were taken from the same alley as Shakespeare's Garage and are now happy indoor pet cats:

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Margaret B from Maine said...

Awwww. Toby is such a cute little nugget! What a sweet face!

I hope momma and her other baby won't hold out too much longer....

I am sorry about that poor male kitty. If it was FIV, that wouldn't have been so bad, but that darned FeLV is such an awful killer....