Thursday, May 21, 2009


MO UPDATE: Aimee says "Mo let me pet her and even rolled around on her back. She tried to get in the house again... She is very sweet. We need to find her a home. She's not meant for the streets. We could pick her up in our hands at this point. As you know she is a beautiful calico, and wants love and attention bad. She's not shy, just scared." MO IS AVAILABLE FOR FOSTER OR ADOPTION. Email me at

Mo is a beautiful calico from our new project, "Parkview Kats," on 51st slightly west of Cottage Grove. She is one of up to twelve cats frequenting the alley there. Aimee got in touch with us and is now on her way TNRing this colony! Thanks to Treehouse's service to lend out humane traps, Aimee was able to start TNRing her colony the other day. The first two caught were this pretty pretty girl and Gizmo (picture to come). Mo is quite vocal -- a stray? Maybe a friendly?

Below is Mo with her two BFFs, Larry and Curly. The three are often together, although not completely harmoniously. Aimee hopes to get the other stooges soon.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the orange kitty (Curly?) was a bit critical of his dining options. :-p

margaret said...

I hope Larry and Curly are protecting Miss Mo and don't fight with her!