Friday, May 22, 2009


Pushkin was rescued from an alley near St. Thomas the Apostle church. He is very friendly and insisted on being caught and paid attention to. Unhappily, life as a stray cat can be very difficult, full of turmoil and strife, and Pushkin has been diagnosed with both FIV and FLK. These are diseases communicable to other cats but not to people or other animals. Because of his wonderful sweet disposition and adorable little face, his caretaker wants to find him a hospice/home/foster situation. Do you have a sun-room, perhaps, where Pushkin could relax and recuperate? His caretaker will provide for his needs, including euthanasia when the time comes. If you are interested in helping Pushkin (or Mo, below), please email us at


Anonymous said...

He's adorable. :-D Loves his catnip!

mhb said...

Awww... if we didn't already have a kittums, I'd bring this guy home. He looks like a sweety.

margaret said...

What a darling! I know he can still have a happy life and bring lots of love to whoever can adopt/foster him.