Friday, May 29, 2009

Park Kittens available!

Seeking a loving home for two kittens abandoned at the park district at 55th and Western (OK, not in Hyde Park, but their rescuer is here). Super-sweet, healthy, frisky, and loving to people and each other. This is a brother-and-sister pair. Their rescuer, Rivka, will give you a litterbox and scoop, litter, some kitten food, and even a carrying case. If you are interested in meeting these two call Rivka at (773) 627-7279.

Don't forget we also have available for foster or adoption: Mo (female calico), Pushkin (grey male), and of course Mikey (tortie) and KITTENZ! Nobody has claimed tortie cat either. See below for pix and more info on these kitties.

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