Monday, May 11, 2009

Willa update and cat colony reports

Willa in her safe house ... underneath the radiator. She just sits there, chin on the ground. Not happy. We will give her some more time to see if she comes out of her shell.

In other news, over the weekend we received reports of two more cat colonies in our area. One colony contains two month-old kittens whose mother decided not to nurse them for some reason. We'll go check these areas out soon and report back.


Greg said...

That's one angry kitty!

vicky said...

She's not angry, she's scared. I had her in my bathroom for three days and she let me pet her back, she let me feed her spoonfuls of wet food, and she even licked it off the spoon I held.

bundeleh said...

Maybe she's angry because nobody is spoonfeeding her wet food anymore! ; >.

Greg said...

I hope she starts to warm up soon. I'm sure she just needs some patience.

Years ago, a college friend adopted two strays from the local pound who were scheduled to be put down (not in Chicago). Both cats were initially very frightened and displeased, one of them even went so far as to defecate on her bed! They spent 99% of their time hiding. But over the course of a month or so, they began to come out and be more social. This was 10 years ago and today both cats are fat, happy lap kitties.