Tuesday, May 19, 2009

stray? owned? pregnant? please send info.

We have had numerous reports over time about possible stray cats on Dorcester between 54th and 55th Streets and in the alley at Blackstone between 52nd and 53rd Streets. We are trying to ascertain which cats around here are indoor-outdoor (spayed/neutered, owned cats) and which might be stray or feral (and unfixed!). If you can provide any information, please contact us at hydeparkcats@gmail.com.

Pleae see Mamiko's gallery of cats to view some pictures of cats we think may or may not be strays.

If one or more of these are your cats--please consider a collar and tag. Parker's Pets on 55th Street has some cute ones.

We believe the gray and white cat (seen chomping on some kibble and coded in these pictures as "Merwin") may be pregnant. We can help this kitty, but we don't want to pick up somebody's pet.

If you know somebody who cannot afford spay/neuter surgery for their pet, or who might need help feeding their pet, please let us know. We can help!


nicole said...

I believe that Merwin is somebody's pet. I've seen her in a window during the winter. The next time I see the owner, I will ask about whether she's pregnant.

nicole said...

Whoops, I mean Merweena!

Anonymous said...

merweena is "claimed" to be someones pet; i live on the same block as her supposed "owners," but they do not feed her, rarely let her inside the house, and generally neglect her. She is usually outside all night, and I have been feeding her for about six months. very upsetting really, she is an amazing little cat and I desperately want to adopt her!