Saturday, May 23, 2009


Mikey, short for My Kitty, is a wonderful and sweet tortoiseshell. She was left behind by her previous owner. The current residents have been feeding her and sometimes letting her in, but she has had several litters. When we met her a couple weeks ago, she had five little kittens. She also has one older offspring, Big Boy (the orange cat pictured with her on top), who is not quite as friendly as Mikey but who we think might warm up more after being neutered. We have TNRed Mikey--don't worry, she can still nurse her little kittens--and we are working on Big Boy. We have offered the residents assistance in getting the five kittens spay/neutered as well. We were really smitten with this one! It seems that now she is spayed she can stay with one of the residents where she is (Blackstone). This seemed like a happy outcome.

UPDATE: It seems the current residents decided that Mikey and the kittens are now up for adoption. Please write to us at if you are interested in a wonderful sweet beautiful (spayed!) cat or any adorable kittens.

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