Saturday, January 30, 2010


Little Eudora came to us from PAWS via Animal Care and Control. She was slated to be sent to a barn that very day if a fosterer could not be found. ACC had picked her up from a feral cat colony, but sharp eyes detected some nonferal behavior in this kitty, like meowing at people and purring while eating in front of people. Fostermom Heather W. opened her door, and Eudora is already making great progress. Heather reports that Eudora spent the first day hiding out and "swatting like a tiny tiger" if Heather came near, but now she has decided she likes sitting on a lap and purring, yes she does.

Eudora will be available for adoption after more socialization. Updates soon.


Ruth said...

Eudora is adorable - I'm so glad she found a chain of caring people to give her a chance. Thanks to Heather for being a link in that chain.

margaret said...

Yay! Thanks to everyone -- and to Heather -- for giving Eudora a chance to find a loving home. I hope she'll find one soon.

Anonymous said...

She has beautiful eyes, 2 different colors!