Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rufus, Curly, Festus, and some good news

Left to right are three residents of the Parkview Kats colony (51st and Cottage). They all await their turn being TNRed by the persistent and determined Aimee.

Last Tuesday our Tiger Macabee went to his new home. Tiger Mac had been flying under the radar a bit due to a lack of photographic evidence of his sweet and friendly nature. Plucked out of the MJK alley, he was first fostered by Mary Jean and then by fostermom Louise. Then we heard from Sheila and Ken, who were looking for a male cat to be a companion for their female cat ... and for Ken (who is ignored by the female cat)! During the adoption interview Macabee totally ignored Sheila, making a beeline for Ken. What a smart cat. We expect a heartwarming update soon. Good luck, TIGER MACABEE!

Today Loki went to Treehouse for his neutering. He was picked up from his fostermom, Mireille by his finders, Seth and Stephanie. They wanted to give this little guy one last parting gift (the ride to the vet!). And he's being picked up by ... his new dad, Dustin! We expect to hear a glowing report from Dustin soon. Good luck, LOKI!

Thanks to all the people who care for our cats!

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Ruth said...

If you enlarge the picture, you will see that they are three good looking puddies.
Way to go Tiger with the male bonding! I knew you were smart from the first I read about you - moving in on the feral cats' food like that.
And goodbye sweet Loki - you look like a real darling and I hope you have a great and very long life.