Friday, January 8, 2010

champagne, anyone?

Brushki and Rosie right after being taken in from the Champagne Furbana colony; both girls are currently at PAWS and available for adoption! Thanks PAWS.

We're in the media again! Read "Kittens and curbsides: the state of local micromedia over at A.V. Club Chicago.

Lots of updates coming: we've had five cats show up recently at Parkview Kats, cats who will be TNRed over the coming week (we hope). Loki, Ori, and Sparkle are all going to start the PAWS intake process tomorrow. Judah has found a home! Hoppy is still seeking a forever home, as are Tiger and Bella.

Thanks to Martha B. and Daniel B. in Pittsburgh for the donation!


Redag said...

Your AV Club article link is broken: you've placed it in the non-existent attribute 'hrf' instead of the correct 'href'.

bundeleh said...

Thanks, I fixed it. Damn those vowels.

Margaret B from Maine said...

Yey for getting the two girls off the streets....They look adorable!

Anonymous said...

They are as adorable in 'person' as they look. Rosie - the bigger one - is bold and confident and sassy - and really affectionate - she loves her face in your face. I held forth on Brushki's many charms in earlier comments. These two are darlings.