Saturday, January 2, 2010


My friend Seth wrote me last week: "We drove to my parents' in Ohio for Christmas, and they live on a farm with a ton of barn cats. My parents feed them and have had some of them fixed to control the population, but there are always more and they live very short lives. On Christmas Eve (have to set the scene...) we scooped up the littlest kitten (vet estimated 11 weeks), when there was a 10-degree wind-chill and he was all by himself (his sibling, we're told, has already died). We took him to the vet in Ohio -- he's been tested for feline leukemia and FIV and is all clear. He has a respiratory infection, for which he gets antibiotics twice a day. "

He's now in a tender loving hydeparkcats foster home. We call him LOKI --Little Orange Kitten, Inside.


Margaret B from Maine said...

Oh the poor darling!

All of those cats need to be spay/neutered. ALL OF THEM.

Poor little dears. I hope someone helps them.

Anonymous said...

Look at LOKI, head held high and planted firmly on all fours, a little babe looking straight into 2010 seeing his chance for a very good life. A happy and prosperous New Year to you LOKI and may your good luck and greatful gaze extend to Hydeparkcats and their care givers.

Ruth said...

Welcome to Ilinois Loki - you are such a cutee and Mireille is going to be a great foster mom for you.