Monday, January 17, 2011


Heather S., our TNR partner in Pullman, has an amazing rescue story to share.

"I picked up Tinsel on that Saturday morning Hyde Park Cats volunteers met at PAWS for shelter building [in December]. The night before (Friday) I left work at 4 pm and was driving on 290 east out of Oak Park to go to my husband's work holiday party and was very late. I saw this gray spot perched up on top of the concrete median that separates the road from the L tracks in the MIDDLE of 290, right before the Austin exit. I was going 65 mph so it happened so fast but I knew it was a kitty huddled up there. Traffic going the other way was at a dead stop and there was no way to turn around and re-do the route to pass by kitty again, and I was very late to the one thing that my husband wanted me to be on time to--his work party at his new job. I had to weigh my options and kept driving east just totally miserable for not being able to go back to that kitty. I was miserable all night thinking about kitty. So I got up at 6 am and thought I had to go back and check out that area on 290 again when there wasn't as much traffic just to make myself feel less miserable. Kitty was in the EXACT SAME SPOT (this is 15 hours later, mind you) perched on top of the median. I thought perhaps she was dead as she had not changed positions AT ALL. I had to do three drive-bys but eventually I was able to pull right up to where she was, put on my blinkers and ran over and plucked her right off the median and put her in my car where she huddled on the floor right under the heat vent. She was stunned and frozen and starving. I drove her to PAWS where they set her up in a crate and gave her food and she ate and purred and still seemed stunned. I took her home after shelter building. She has since been fixed and tested neg/neg. Tinsel is estimated to be a little less than a year old."

WOW. What a survivor. Tinsel is currently living in a big enclosure (hence the chickenwire in the photo) while she waits on a forever home of her own. If you are interested in meeting this gorgeous graysilver girl, email You will have the most awesome "the cat who came for Christmas" story to tell for years to come.


Ruth said...

Wow. I can't imagine how Heather must have felt to see Tinsel still there the next morning. Wow. And I can't bear to imagine what sort of night Tinsel had. I'm so glad that thanks to Heather, she won't be having any more of those.

lilolady said...

Definitely WOW.