Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Buckley came in from the cold at Parkview Cats, our colony at 51st and Cottage Grove. Buckley was a scared and skinny young tom when Aimee took him inside, but fostermom Sarah L. must be feeding him some premium food. Look at that big boy! Looks like a Pillow Pet.

You should adopt Buckley if you want a cat who...
1. Helps you wake up in the morning by sitting in the bathroom door, watching you get ready, and purring against your legs.
2. Curls up with you and watches TV with you. (He especially loves PBS nature shows!)
3. Is really, really funny. (He falls off things, chases yarn and toys all over the place, smooshes his head all over your hands when he wants to be petted, and so much more!)

Thanks to Florence W. and Martha V. for their end-of-year donations. We can know receive tax-deductible donations via Treehouse; read how here.

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Anonymous said...

He looks like a Mouseketeer with his black ears and top of head. What a fantastic story!