Wednesday, January 19, 2011


A community member found this handsome rapscallion in a dumpster in Washington Park in late December (probably scavenging for food). He was skinny but friendly, so we believe he was dumped there perhaps in the mistaken idea that he could provide for himself.

Tiberias (aka Space Cat) is an extremely playful, curious, and kittenish one year-old boycat. Fostermom Sarah thinks he would do well with another young cat or dog since he is so playful (he is always trying to play with his fostercat sibling). He loves lots of love and attention from his people, too!

You should consider Tiberias because ...

1. He loves to play (he loves paper bags, boxes, mouse toys, string, chasing a ball up and down the hallway)
2. He also loves being social with people and enjoys human company
3. He's great at entertaining hmself (He is curious about pretty much anything. He loves looking out windows, exploring closets, playing with water from the bathroom faucet, playing with blankets).
4. He would make a great playmate for another cat or a cat-friendly dog!

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Anonymous said...

I love his facial markings! What a unique-looking cat. And he sounds like a lot of fun.