Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Breaking News

Two pieces of breaking news!

Strawberry, the pregnant cat mentioned in our Facebook page, has left the high-kill shelter where she was slated for euthanasia. She was transported by a valiant volunteer to the Treehouse clinic. She will come to Hyde Park tonight or tomorrow.

And ... Hyde Park Cats now has an animal welfare license!!! We are now a licensed animal shelter/humane society.


Anonymous said...

Have you done the paperwork to become a 401c3 nonprofit? If you do, then people can donate to you and decudt it from their taxes.

lilolady said...

AWESOME on both pieces of Breaking News!

Really, really awesome.


Anonymous said...

It's 501c3 for a non-profit NOT 401c3.

Great job HPC.

bundeleh said...

No, the 501(c)(3) is beyond our scope and ambition at this time. We are happy with the licensing because it means we can save animals from "the pound" when we have room in our foster network. If you have been considering becoming a foster parent, now is the time!

You CAN make a tax-deductible contribution to Hyde Park Cats, however, via Treehouse. Please see tax deductible donations to HPC.

Ruth said...

Yeah for sweet Strawberry - a lovely name for what looks like a lovely cat.

ladyjanewriter said...

YES!!! That's wonderful!

Martha said...

What wonderful news - both about Strawberry and about your new status as an "official" humane society. May HPC go from strength to strength. Yasher koach!