Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Soft tabby greyness available

Hidey and Minion are a matched pair of supersoft gray tabbies who were born in the garage of a southside church. Hidey is the official bedwarming cat of her house. While’s she’s happy to chase her brother madly around the house during the day, as bedtime nears she stays close so she can be sure to beat us to the bed. Once there she takes the best spot and makes herself available for eight hours of uninterrupted snuggles and pets. And with fur as soft as hers, happy pets are really no trouble. Hidey got her name from her habit of demurely hiding her nose in under a nearby elbow when cuddling in her humans’ arms. She prefers to be close to the action and often comes to sit on a lap during dinner. Hidey’s favorite playthings (other than her brother) are carpet fringes and superballs, but she says she’ll adapt to whatever you have available.

Minion’s favorite pastimes include racing around the house, extreme birdwatching, and begging for belly rubs. He’s pretty sure almost everything in a human house is worth playing with, and that all people are worth rubbing on. He also likes to masquerade as Hidey. Minion got his name from his devotion to Dad, a gray tom who shares his foster house.

If you are considering adopting a kitty, please view ouravailable for adoption list. This page includes some cats who have not been profiled on the blog yet! Petfinder has been undergoing some administrative changes and it is very difficult to keep our Petfinder page updated, so the available for adoption page is your best bet.

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