Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This calico just looks like a ruby, doesn't she? Heather S., who manages the Pullman side of our community cat-rescue project, says Ruby "just appeared a few nights ago on my street just as all the snow started coming down. She was running up to people meowing. I had just pulled up in front of my house after work and I opened my car door and said 'who are you?' and she ran up to me and jumped into my car. I have never seen her before and I think she must have been recently dumped. She was vetted at PAWS, is negative for viruses, is about one year old, and was pregnant. She is so sweet and has these amazing calico markings."

Today we are transporting a pregnant kitty from a high-kill shelter in Indiana, where she was slated for euthanasia. She is probably in the car on her way to Treehouse as we speak!


lilolady said...

Jumped into car! Thats a dawggie trick. Smart kitteh fursure.

Martha said...

Ruby is no dummy! She's also gorgeous.

Yvette said...

smart and pretty kitty!
i've also had this happen, our Sam jumped in our car when we were out feeding his colony....we kept him.