Saturday, January 8, 2011


You should adopt beautiful black Lola because ...

1. She has the neatest eating habits of any cat fostermom has ever known. She starts at one side of the dish and carefully works her way to the other side.
2. She has excellent yoga skills.
3. She is a wonderful calming presence, but is also very playful and sociable!

Lola came to us last November when she was abandoned with another cat when the owner moved away. She didn't appear to be attached to the other cat, and that kitty (Ginger) has already been adopted. Lola is a sweet young cat with excellent litterbox habits; spayed, vaxed, neg/neg, etc.

Thanks to Chris G. for the donation!


Martha said...

There's almost a Japanese simplicity and elegance to this cat - even down to how she leaves her uneaten food. Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Martha, I think you are on to something! Peaceful.