Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bullseye and Cucumber

Bullseye and Cucumber are a bonded pair of adorableness!

Bullseye is the loudest purr-er and most spirited play-er. Bullseye and her brother Cucumber can often be found camped out on the couch together, where Cucumber grooms Bullseye until they fall asleep wrapped in each other's paws. Bullseye is about eight months old, fully vetted with no behavior problems. She loves other cats and kids. She has a white belly, neck and paws and a bullseye pattern of black on her tabby sides. (She may secretly be a white cat wearing a patterned mask and cape, trying to blend in. That would be just her style.) Disguised or not, Bullseye is a terrific little cat and would make a great playmate. She requests any home with a sunny windowsill for her to lie on.

Cucumber loves to hunt, wrestle and groom stuffed animals, especially a small zebra he has had since kittenhood. (It will come with him when he is adopted.) Cucumber gets along well with kids and other cats, although he occasionally wants to play more than his older housemates do. Cucumber is fully vetted and has no behavioral problems (unless you count trying to drink out of water glasses and tipping them over).

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Martha said...

This is perhaps the sweetest cat photograph that I have ever seen. What cuties!