Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Strawberry is the pregnant cat we took in from a high-kill animal-control facility in NW Indiana. She was rushed by a volunteer to the clinic at Treehouse just in time for ... her vaccinations. Strawberry was not pregnant at all! In the words of the vet, she is "just a fat little thing."

She's a Hyde Park Cat now, and ready for adoption. Fosterdad Matt is quite smitten. He says "Strawberry is beautiful, sweet, and incredibly gentle. She has a beautiful calico coat, white with big tan and black splotches. She's very, very gentle, and very friendly. She follows me around and twines herself around my legs when I am standing still. She loves to be near people and will purr for hours just sitting on the bed. She's playful (loves strings) but not hyperactive (doesn't run around the apartment like a maniac). She'd probably be great for a family with young kids. She is generally one of the sweetest, most even-tempered cats ever."

We all had a pretty good laugh about Strawberry's hysterical pregnancy. The clinic at Treehouse even sent me an email: "she was a very sweeeeeeeeeeet girl. I am glad she faked them out having them think she was pregnant- now she will find a good home! Man--she was such a lover. :) (and a pretty hefty eater!)"

Thanks much to Lauren B. for the donation!

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SMART Strawberry!!!!
What ever it takes