Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rigoli and updates

2011 is moving along with cats coming in from the cold and seeking forever homes, like Rigoli. Fostermom says he is "supersweet" and affectionate. Another one who looks like a Pillow Pet (we have a Pillow Pet maven in my home) -- see also Buckley for this look. If you prefer nonpillowy cats, we have that too! Email us and describe what you're looking for in a cat, and we'll try to make your match.

Updates: Cleo and Darius went home! Adoption pending on Lola! Adoption pending on Marlo (Cat 233)!



We seek your donations of cat food, including open bags. Wet food in cans is great for alley cats in the winter, who are not only hungry but have trouble finding sources of water. We will also bring canned cat food to our next volunteer day at Animal Welfare League. AWL is absolutely overflowing with cats and donations are very much needed. Your local pet market has graciously agreed to accept donations: Parkers, a natural dog and cat market and cats on 1342 E. 55th Street. The folks and dogs at Parkers are bigtime animal-rescue (not animal selling!!!!) supporters and we thank them for their help.

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Ruth said...

Great to see Rigoli looking so handsome, happy and confident. And the blend with the floor coverings is impressive too.