Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tinker and her kittens

Tinker the Mama Cat is still at large. She escaped from her fosterhome and left her SEVEN babies behind (I erroneously reported five before). We have split the kittens into three separate fosterhomes and give huge props to bottlefeeding angels Brigit, Megg, Laura, and Eudora. The kittens are going to be OK but they'd be better with their mother, and we need to get her back in any case. Please keep an eye out for her. Can you help poster? Write to with sightings or to get posters or to help on the ground with the traps.

AcornOtter and Hazel are being bottlefed by Laura and Eudora.

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Anonymous said...

Otter and Hazel! The kitten here is Hazel. :)