Wednesday, April 13, 2011

AWL Visit

Yesterday evening Adoption Coordinator Ainat and I and our girls went to the Animal Welfare League facility at 62nd and Wabash (a couple minutes drive). This facility is not able to do adoptions to the public; the only ways out are euthanasia or being pulled by a rescue group. While we were there we met a lovely dilute tortie who had been brought into the facility in a duct-taped roasting pan; a ten-year-old half-blind miniature pinscher, two pregnant cats (the facility cannot spay), and several mamacats with numerous adorable babies. It's so hard to see them all in their little cages, their desperation and desire. We left with one adorable singleton kitten and one older kitten who looks like the living embodiment of a marble rye (gorgeous, delicious). See our Facebook page for more photos of cats at AWL who require rescue and watch for updates in the next few days. We also currently have several AWL cats available for adoption, including a female declaw.

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