Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The baited trap.

Mom! What are you doing!

Demetri in the trap

We interrupt Long-Term Foster Week to bring you ... Demetri, who was trapped last night around 55th and Cornell. Demetri is a glossy black male who had been sheltering in something we think was maybe built to hide electrical stuff. It just so happens that his little den is right under the window of Kailee, the adopter of Raygn and Storm! She reached out for some trapping help and we were able to trap Demetri the first night. He spent a quiet night in a bathroom in is currently at Treehouse Clinic, along with five other cats. Good work Kailee! Good work, Laura S. who is now coordinating our Treehouse visits.

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1 comment:

Ruth Abbey said...

I wonder if the little onlooker is remembering the day s/he was trapped, and thinking how much better life has become since then ...