Saturday, April 9, 2011

Long-term Foster Week: Ilaria

Long-term foster week concludes with ILARIA.

Ilaria has been in fostercare with us since September, when she was found crouched in a pothole in the middle of the street. Every few days we have a little confab regarding our disbelief that Ilaria is still with us. She's had a couple different fosterparents (for internal scheduling reasons) and they all love her. She's snuggly and enjoys hugs, she's beautiful and fwuffy, she's playful and engaging and will make you laugh. Look thru the past pictures to see how adorable she is. Please scroll through this link for photos of this pretty girl. Here is a hilarious photo of Ilaria staring down some cauliflower. Check her out with some chutney. Ilaria is an active young cat, a bit of a scamp perhaps, but fostermoms report she's settled down some in the past couple months.

Ilaria's fostermoms are moving away from the area soon. We all want very much not to move her into another fosterhome. Apply to adopt this HPCats favorite -- and don't forget our tax-season rebate is going on throughout April.


Laura said...

seriously, someone should adopt this beautiful kitty. she's so much fun!

Ruth said...

What a cute and curious face.

Martha said...

I've watched this kitty since she appeared on the blog immediately post-pothole. The temptation to drive in from Pittsburgh and swoop her away to the Rust Belt is very strong. She just radiates spunk and intelligence.