Monday, April 4, 2011

Long-term foster week: Tiberias

This week I'm spotlighting some of our wonderful cats who have been in foster care for a while. Some cats remain in foster homes longer than others for various reasons -- maybe we have multiple cats with a similar look, for instance, or the cat is shy with new people and just doesn't "show" well. Since we're offering a TAX SEASON discount, can you consider adding one of these wonderful and patiently waiting adult cats into your home -- forever?


Fostermom Sarah writes that "He is still playful as ever and enjoys keeping us company. He just wants to play with our other cat, but she is not interested and doesn't want to share us with him. He likes watching TV and is full of energy like many young cats. He's becoming a video game junkie and loves to follow any moving objects on the screen. He also can't get enough playtime with boxes and bags. His favorite toy is usually a cardboard box with holes cut out and some string attached. He also has discovered the bathtub faucet, and although he hasn't figured out how to drink from there yet, he still enjoys batting and biting the water. We've also learned that Tiberias is not afraid of the vacuum cleaner. Every cat I've ever had runs away when the vacuum cleaner comes out of the closet, but he just follows me around, curious about what I'm doing."


Diane H said...

Sounds like Tiberias would be perfect for the home with another high energy young kitty. It would be great fun to see them running laps!

Sarah said...

What a sweet, inquisitive face! I love those bright, big eyes!

Anonymous said...

A cat who is not afraid of the vacuum cleaner is a rare and valuable cat indeed.

Sophie W. said...

Tiberias is slowly killing me with his cuteness. Someone adopt him before I kick the cuteness overload bucket!