Monday, April 25, 2011

Frida update

Frida, now Lily, has been adopted. We found Frida living in an alley around 62nd and Cottage Grove.

Forevermom Norah writes that "After spending her first night behind the bathtub, and her second, third, and fourth nights under the bed, Lily has now acclimated herself and fully joined the family. I let the first relationship to develop be the one between Lily and Mallow, my elderly and very sweet dog. Mallow is a cat groupie. She loves cats, cat toys, cat treats, and sometimes sits in the windowsill like a big cat. Mallow was thrilled from the very first moment, but she needed to patiently wait until Lily allowed herself to be sniffed all over. Now, every night, the three of us sit down and have a little festival of cat treats. One for Lily, one for Mallow, one for Lily, one for Mallow, etc.

Frida-Lily only found her wonderful forever home because somebody (thanks Cheneys!) stepped up and became a first-time foster home. If you can find room in your home and your heart to foster, you are making it possible for a cat like Frida to become a real housecat.


Ruth said...

Another priceless HPC image. Is Lily kneading Mallow???

Nor&Mal said...

Lily kneaded Mallow, who was already dozing, until she fell asleep, and the two of them slept a long time like that.

Amy said...

CUTEST thing ever!!!!

lakshmi said...