Thursday, April 7, 2011

Long-term Foster Week: Robin

This week I'm spotlighting some of our wonderful cats who have been in foster care for a while. Since we're offering a TAX SEASON discount, can you consider adding one of these wonderful adult cats into your home -- forever?

Robin is one of those cats who just doesn't show well to potential adopters. He came in from the cold of an alley and for a while his finder thought he was a feral cat, but over time he has morphed not only into a friendly but a LAP-a-LOVE-a-CAT. Robin requires a special adopter who knows that it can take certain cats a long time to acclimate into a new household. There are some adorable photos here at Robin's flikr stream that capture something of his purrsonality.

Robin's backstory ... surprises, surprises.

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Chelsea said...

So cute! People - adopt some of these wonderful cats! As the mother of two Hyde Park Cats (Achilles and Istria), I can say with full confidence that you'd be making the right decision.