Sunday, October 17, 2010

Raygn and Storm

Raygn and Storm, two sibling kittens. These cuties are part of a thirty-cat TNR/TNA project by Daniel Y. in Bridgeport. Raygn, the tiger and white, ("rain" in Yiddish) came to Hyde Park on that rainy rainy day last week; sib Storm (black with white blaze) followed on a calm one. Fostermom Keitlyn suggested the name because "Storm likes to sit back and contemplate, watching what is going on and being wary, but then will have a burst of playful energy where she erupts. She is just a huge cuddle bug, happy, well adjusted, cannot stop purring."


Anonymous said...

The two of them are adorable! Raygn's closed eyes expression...priceless.\

lakshmi said...

that second photo is really beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Great thought around the name Keitlyn - very appropriate

Impressed by Daniel Y 30 cat commitment!