Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kio and Cassie

Two more kittens from Daniel Y.'s Bridgeport TNA Project: Cassie in black, Kio in gray. I have a black cat and a gray cat myself; I must say it's an easy fur combination! Kio, the boy, is a big cuddler. Cassie, the girl, is coming around. Fostermom promises more and cuter pix soon!

SATURDAY: Visit us from 12-4 in the foyer of the costume/Halloween shop on the corner of 53rd near Lake Park -- kittycorner from Borders (where the video store used to be). The Halloweeeeeen store has graciously given us the foyer space to hold a bake sale slash cat-food drive! Please stop by and buy a cookie, and then shop at the Halloween store, promoting business actually transpiring in our neighborhood!

1 comment:

Lilithcat said...

Ooooh, cookies! Yum!

I will certainly try to stop by.