Friday, October 15, 2010

updates: Sophie and Sepia

Sepia in her forever home. Dad writes "even on her first night she played, ate, cuddled, used the litter, and slept with us in bed. She quickly settled on this scratching pad as 'home base' and has been using it as a toy, a bed, and a fort. She is active, and loves to play all the classic cat games, from paper bag and box to mouse, string, and ball. We are all getting along great."

Sophie in her forever home. Forevermom says "she settled right in here, demanding her morning rubs and pouncing my cellphone antenna. She's a big player now, particularly after a catnip bubble spill on the futon (giant cat toy!), but she's still more interested in snuggling. We're thrilled to have her here; she really is a wonderful cat."

Mazel tov SOPHIE! Mazel tov SEPIA! Happy life!


Zoe said...

This is the best part of cat rescue work; seeing the cats happy in their homes, and seeing people happy with their cats. Smiles all around.

Chelsea said...

Achilles and Istria have the same scratcher!

Congratulations to all of the kitties and their humans.

Bethany said...

I'm so happy for Sepia! I volunteered at AWL a couple months ago, and she was one of my favorites and I kept worrying about her after I left. Thank you for everything you did for her! This makes me so happy!