Monday, May 17, 2010


Meet Sophie, formerly Skinnymom, and her one ... two ... three ... four ... five ... SIX KITTENS! Last Wednesday Hyde Park Cats volunteers Terren and Ainat (and our kiddie volunteers, aka "the girls") went to ACC (Animal Care and Control). We had been asked to take some orphan kittens and nursing momcats. It was a very difficult trip; there are so very many beautiful cats and kittens (we didn't see the dogs), senior cats given up by their owners, strays, sick orphans, etc. We came back with one mama + five babies, one mama + three babies, and three orphans. But we were up all night instant-messaging about Skinnymom, who had clearly wanted so desperately to come with us, who rose up from her cage and meowed at us: "Take us! Take us!" So the next day Mireille made the trip and got us our Skinnymom, now safely with Danna, who has named her Sophie. Sophie has five little tigers and one little black-n-white. They are all adorable and will be available for adoption soon, as will Sophie.


chelsea said...

That is one blissed out beautiful momma cat!

Maine Kitties said...

Momma cat looks sooo happy that you went back for her! What a wonderful picture of an armful of kittens! I think I would laugh for the sheer joy of it as well.

God Bless the work you do. THanks for saving so many lives from Animal Control!