Friday, May 28, 2010

Holly snuggle

Too bad Holly has such a hard time finding a cuddly place to relax in her fosterhome. Can you give Holly a foreverhome? She is a sweet and loving kitty, playful, an all-around darling.

Thanks to Tanya and Mike H. for donating towards the Cornell cats! Volunteers will be TNRing “Tanya’s Tribe” this weekend: Blondie, Camille, Corey, Devon and Sparkle (4 females, 1 male ... imagine how many kittens they could have made this summer!!!) Thanks also to Walter for transporting the cats to Tree House on Saturday and picking them up again on Saturday evening. Please send good vibes for a successful colony TNR.


margaret said...

Positive, successful vibes being sent to all trappers tackling Tanya's Tribe! Go get 'em!!

Ruth said...

Holly is a darling and really flourishing under the care of Eudora and Laura.