Saturday, May 8, 2010

mother's day post

We've been working hard to get our spring crop of cats cared for and adopted. Readers, excellent news: Theo went home, Ester went home, Houdini went home, Louise went home, Maggie went home, Yogurt and Pretzel went home! Tricia and Patty may go home on Monday! All Sweet Pea and Juniper kittens have pending adoptions.

Owl, Kobi, Sweet Pea, Juniper remain, as does our new addition, Foxy. We believe we'll be getting a six-month-old abandoned kitten tomorrow. We may get a litter of orphans from ACC. There is always another needy cat on the horizon.

The Sweet Pea kittens were all spayed yesterday. Four girls! And Juniper has the four boys -- basherters und bashertes!

Please enjoy these pictures of Patty with some roses -- it's mother's day! Happy M-Day to my mother, who taught me to love cats and animals and the natural world around us. Mom, I love you!


lilolady said...

Ms. Terri Berry Strawberry, I must have taught you love of children as well on account of two very sweet gems under your wings. So you have a well deserved Happy M-Day too!
- your tired haggard but lovable old Ma

Ruth said...

Great, great news about so many wonderful cats finding homes.

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!