Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy ending update: Teddy, Mittens

This delightful photo is an update of Broken Leg Kitty, she of many names. Her fostermom wrote in recently to tell us "the once very tiny kitten that we got has really grown up and doing very well. My daughter says 'Come here precious kitty.' And the cat sleeps in my son's bed every night. As you can see, she gets a lot of attention." Happy ending and good luck MITTENS!

Veronica wrote in with an update on Teddy: "Teddy, whom I found by the lake front early last October (when he was about three months old) is now a full-blown teenager. He's outgrown his kittenish rotundity, and is more lean and muscular than when he was a baby. Thanks, as always, to HydeParkCats for their willingness to help out when I first found him, before I knew I would be able to keep him for life." Here is a link to a run-down on Teddy's recent activities. He's so cute. Good luck TEDDY!

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Anonymous said...

Thats a CUTE kid! Course, thats a cute kitty too. Thats a cute kid with a cute kitty. All good!