Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Luka in the ruins

Luka visibly upset at the MJK Alley. Catastrophe! The abandoned house where the cats had shelter has been razed. No more info at this time.

Thanks to Elizabeth W. for the donation and to Mandy and Crystal for the food!


lilolady said...

As we see, even an abandoned building can be a treasure. Thank God the loss is apparent long before winter. Hopefully some grass will appear from the ruins for your tired paw pads, dear little Luka.

Maine Kitties said...

I hope there were no cats in there when it was demolished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ruth said...

I immediately worried about that too - but then I figured that it would have been a very noisy process and the cats would have received lots of warning. Mary Jean - please let us know if everyone is present and accounted for. But even so, it must be a nasty shock for these puds.