Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Dharma Initiative

formatting is cutting off part of this video: for better video click here

Dharma was discovered, with five very tiny kittens, under a car. She was brought to ACC at the very moment we were arriving to choose some cats and kittens for our rescue. Dharma never even made it into ACC proper; we took her and her carrier and put it into our car and now she's in the loving care of Fostermom Melissa. Erica and Emilia, who found Dharma and brought her, cried when we said we'd take her (and gave us a nice donation) ... thanks, ladies, and rest assured we're taking good care of these kittehs.

Sadly the smallest and weakest of Dharma's kittens died. RIP Freckles; we're glad we could give you a little bit of time in a loving home, and that you didn't die under that car.

Please view our cats and kittens available for adoption. We need homes for the cats in our care! Please forward widely.


Zoe said...

Oh. My. God. This is so precious. What a sweet and friendly mama.
<3 <3

Yvonne said...

Your the best, Melissa! This is so beautiful.

Jamesie said...

That's a bit of neat. Dharma seems pretty tame, but I notice the weird fringe thing going in too. She seems to have a great street-cat coat that will be wonderful to touch with the benefit of a few weeks of good food and low stress. She looks like a cross between my short hair brown tabbies, with a round squishable body and the more pyramidal face like Slim (from 1/28 or so).

Ruth said...

Poor Freckles. Dharma is a darling and so obviously used to humans. I'm so glad she found some to care for her and her kittens.