Sunday, May 30, 2010


Patty and Tricia are two lovely tortie girls who love each other very much. They were rescued, with two male cats, by kind neighbors after their "owners" moved away and just left their four cats outside to fend for themselves. Boyfriends Theo and Owl have both found homes, but not our girls. Tricia is a mellow cuddler and Patty is an energetic player, and together they are a delightful duo. Plus, their beautiful tortoiseshell coats will bring just the right touch of glamour to your home. They are very attached to each other and will keep each other happy and healthy while also lavishing their new person with lots of attention.

Love tortoiseshells but just can't take two? We also have gorgeous Foxy available. Foxy was foraging for food in a Hyde Park resident's yard. She was afraid after who-knows-what kind of ordeal but once she was brought inside she was found to have a sweet disposition. She is a knock-out of a long-haired tortoiseshell.

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Martha said...

What pretty girls!