Thursday, May 6, 2010


MAMA CATS: We salute you!

Hyde Park Cats has had the opportunity to work with some really special mamacats. From top to bottom: Mammacat, our first rescue. Mammacat had her kittens in a backyard and obviously wanted them to have an indoor life, although she remained very afraid. Sweet Pea had her four kittens in a construction ditch on campus! She had made friends with the building staff, who called on us for help. Juniper had a litter or two outside in her colony before we could catch her ... Ester became a mamacat at only four or five months herself! Tapioca was found in an alley, nearly starved to death, with broken fangs and FIV. But her kittens were fat and fluffy. And, finally, that black spot with the lit-up eyes is Cat Cora, who was found, with her tiny babies, at another campus construction site ... in a pile of trash. One was dead, one was covered in maggots. But Cat Cora never gave up on them. When we reunited the family (after a few days of trapping) she ran to her babies right away to nurse them. It's not the best picture, I know. But it was the best story.

All the kittens (some of whom are now cats) have found homes. Cat Cora, Mammacat, and Tapioca are also in forever homes. But Juniper, Ester, and Sweet Pea are still looking for their forever homes. This mother's day, can you give a mamacat the gift of a forever home? Any one of them would be the perfect companion for a resident cat (they would like a life-partner, in other words).

If you can't give a home, can you support our mamacats with a donation? Every donation in honor of our mama cats will be acknowledged with a personal email and photo of your chosen mama cat to YOUR mama! Your mama doesn't have email? We'll send her a card! Just donate and specify which mamacat you are honoring. Use the paypal button or write to for an address.

Happy Mamas Day!


Maine Kitties said...

They are all lovely momma cats! And lucky for more babies!

....I saw that Willa went to the bridge! What happened? Was she sick?

bundeleh said...

Willa was hit by a car. She was buried in Vicky's backyard. RIP, Willa.

Mireille said...

I love that these mamas look either fiercely protective or super soft. The very definition of motherhood! A lovely collection, Terren.