Thursday, May 13, 2010


Three orphan kittens brought to you by Animal Care and Control. Now safely with Emily. They were with me for a night, but they were just too cute to be left with my little girls. We might cause part of Hyde Park to implode with cuteness!

KITTEN NAMING CONTEST. I am seeking three names of great or famous orphans of history, mythology, literature, etc. We have one girl and two gender-unknowns. To enter: send one to five dollars either to paypal or via check, and leave your suggestion in the comment box.

Thanks to Karen J. and Katherine G. for their recent gifts!


lilolady said...


Danielle Silva said...

Well, here's some good ideas!! :)

Marylin(like Marylin Monroe) or Ella (like Ella Fitzgerald) for the girl. For the other ones, here's some ideas... Lennon, Mandela, Allan, Poe, Babe Ruth. And who could forget : Oliver! and Harry (from harry potter :))


bundeleh said...

I like Annie (girl), Lennon (gender neutral) and Poe (gender neutral) so far.