Monday, November 9, 2009

"Broken leg" kitty

Carmella was found around 89th place by an animal-loving young woman, the outoing President of her high-school animal-interests club. What a lucky kitten! Carmelita is a beautiful and friendly tortoiseshell who appeared to have a broken leg, so Faylin, her finder, contacted us for help. Examination at Woodlawn Animal Hospital didn't show a broken leg, but Faylin-the-kitten (we renamed her) tested negative for FIV and FeLV and has been dewormed, etc. Now she is being fostered and her name was changed to Nena. Fostermom Melissa reports that "she definitely walks on the back right leg, but she's still limping. She also seems to use only three legs for running. Either way, she does not act like she is in pain, and she can do everything she wants to do in terms of mobility. She is also very lovable. She wants me to pet her every time I go into the bathroom, and she stands at my feet meowing when I'm getting ready in the morning--very, very cute."

In case you didn't see that part, she is very lovable.

Thanks to recent donor Susan M. and to Roy C. and Diana U. for the food donation -- we have lots of cats in fosterage so food is always welcome. Also thanks to Heather W. for taking three cats to PAWS for a check on Thursday and to Eevie and Melissa for their travels to get Nena squared away. And special thanks to Faylin for getting little Nena off the street!

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