Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Oliver was found wandering around at 55th and Hyde Park a couple weeks ago. We have had various reports over the last six months of a cat fitting Oliver's description being seen out and about, scared and hungry looking, so we are fairly certain Oliver is a street cat, but please let us know if you are missing him. Oliver really exemplifies the sadness and confusion of a cat who perhaps was somebody's kitten for a few months, who maybe ran off when he felt the need to sow some oats or was just left behind ... we'll almost certainly never know.

When found, Oliver was rather skinny, striped ginger cat, fairly dirty but responding very vocally. He enjoys being petted on the head but isn't so sure about being picked up. Our fosterer says he is basically friendly and confident, although a little "cranky" at finding his liberty curtailed. "I put a woolly bed up for him," she writes, "with some cat nip and he loved the latter. I opened the can of wet food and he knew the sound immediately and ate about two-thirds of it."

Oliver may be available for adoption through HPC pending further examination.

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Diane H said...

I remember seeing him around the Snail - definitely unhappy being on the sidewalk but not knowing how to solve the problem. I am so glad he has a couch now!