Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Today Hyde Park Cats made a big trip to PAWS Chicago's Lurie Clinic to relinquish ... get ready ... eleven kittehs! Thank you, PAWS, for taking our cats, giving them veterinary care, and putting them in your adoption center. Celia, Feste, Valentine/Pipsqueak, and the "Pullman 4" kittens were all admitted. The "Diane 4" (above) have to wait until their eye infections clear up, but they're guaranteed admission.

Celia in the backpack. Look how calm and sweet he is.

The scene at PAWS (ferals recovering from surgery).

Celia, Feste, and Valentine/Pipsqueak -- bye bye! Happy wonderful new life!!!!!

It's difficult to give up our cats but the truth is we're not set up as an adoption center and we can't do this kind of work. It was particularly hard to see Celia go, since he's such a sweet love-bug. We had hoped to find him a local home but it was not to be and we're sure this loving playful guy will find a home soon. All the cats will be available thru PAWS in their adoption center, so if you are feeling pangs of remorse at not adopting Celia at our adoption event -- maybe it's not too late!

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Danna said...

I am feeling pangs! The apartment feels so lonely without him... no kitty to run expectantly to the front door when I walk in, just waiting to be scooped up and cuddled.

--Celia's former fostermama