Thursday, November 19, 2009

Calendar! And Adoption Event!

Now available: Hyde Park Cats calendars! For only $10 ($11 if you want it mailed) you can display a different Hyde Park cat every month and support us in our efforts to help more feline residents. Calendars make a great gift and these are perfect for those of you needing a unique Hyde Park-related gift! Reserve your calendar now! Email with your order.

Magnets and postcards also available!

Please note: we can arrange pick-up for local residents.


Please join us this Saturday at Parker's Pets, 1342 E. 55th St., from 1-3 p.m., for our Adoption Event!


lilolady said...

Congratulations on your initiative to use actual pix of Hydeparkcats for calendar/magnet/postcards fundraising! I wish you the most fruitful luck in this endeavor to aid kittehs in distress.

I hope others agree with me about the special photos that the blog puts up; that they are Art, worthy for that alone, but as well, as accurate loving testament to little lives that are depicted - and to what can happen next.

Art too, the factual stories that go with the photos that make this a wonderfully warm and inspiring blog - thanks to all who help, who post, who follow.

margaret said...