Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Remus update

Remus was found way back in May wandering around near 61st and Ellis. He was adopted by a wonderful couple and given the much nicer name of Baba. Baba's person has updated us on his progress: "We are not certain of Baba's exact age, but he is as rambunctious and curious as a kitten. Around us, he is gentle and affectionate. Baba enjoys string, balls, and fish and has a particular penchant for water. He reliably runs into the bathtub after a shower to watch the drips from the faucet. He always has us laughing and we are very grateful that Hyde Park Cats brought him into our lives."

Thanks to Diane for finding and neutering him, to Ming for the summer fostering, and to Ellen and Kartik for bringing this kitty into their home!

And thanks as well to recent donors Patricia V. and Kathryn G.!

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