Monday, November 23, 2009

this weekend

Thanks to Parker's Pets for hosting us on Saturday's adoption event. Adoptable cats Tapioca (above, looking for some quiet time) and Celia (peeking out of his soft-sided crate seeking love and attention) were real troopers.

Portrait of Celia.

Other Hyde Park Cats people spent part of Saturday making one of our feral-cat colonies much more habitable for the winter (setting up feral "villas," etc.) and still others were driving kittens to PAWS Chicago in order to be admitted into the Adoption Center. Thanks to all our volunteers who do so much to help the cats.

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Anonymous said...

Celia (Celio?) seems like a real character. Very expressive face! :-) He will need a very patient person until he is completely litterbox trained, I hope you can find someone.