Friday, October 22, 2010


New colony. Over the coming weeks/months we'll be working with caretakers of this colony near Racine and 68th as well as with one of our partner organizations, Feline Friends, to reduce the number of outdoor cats at this site. "Pukalastan" is full of friendly young cats. Pictured here is Oreo, a friendly girl, about a year old. I love her outfit!

Don't forget to visit us tomorrow for our bake sale!


Anonymous said...

Oreo looks yummy!!!
How did the bake sale go??

Ruth said...

The bake sale was a great success - we were in a fabulous location (thanks Anna) with lots of passing traffic and Meng was salesperson extraordinaire. The baked goods were fabulous - thanks again to Anna, Mary Jean, Kim, Meng and others (sorry - I just came at the last hour so might have missed bakers' names). And there were some gorgeous crafts for sale too - tiles by Susan and someone made chokers (sorry again but, I didn't catch that creative person's name.) It was a really great occasion and raised some much needed money!