Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cowtens update

COME ON. Look at these kittens! Why aren't you adopting them! They need a forever home!

Hugh Heifer (pronounced hef-er -- as in young cow, because of his markings) has turned over a new, cuddly leaf. In the last couple weeks he has decided that being stroked, petted, scratched, and cuddled is pretty great. He (and his sister Madame Bovary) now keeps his fosterparents not only entertained but also warm and snuggly. Madame B continues to be very snuggly and outgoing. The pair are two of the sweetest, happiest, and most playful kittens we've met, and it's been wonderful to see Hugh blossom from a terrified, hiding kitten into the happy, friendly guy he is now.

The Cowtens are timid around new people, and they would need a little patience and time to adjust to a new home, but that patience would bring a huge furry payoff in the end. When not cuddling on your lap, giving you a bath, or trying to chase your writing utensil, they endlessly entertain, love, and (sometimes by force) bathe each other. More pix.

Thanks to Wendy and to Mike H. for their recent gifts.


Anonymous said...

They are just so darn cute.

Ruth said...

Check out that little face peering over the cushion getting ready to pounce on its oblivious bathing sibling ...