Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Bridget is an adorable little kitten (just about two pounds, so maybe three months) who was found under a porch in Humboldt Park. One half of the couple who found her is the woman who had brought us The Dharma Initiative. Thanks for rescuing cats and kittens, Erica! Little Bridget is a real snugglebug who enjoys cuddling. Fostermom Mary Jean says "Little Bridget is the cutest thing! I love her half-black nose, her red highlights and her solid, stumpy legs!" Bridget is going to Treehouse on Wednesday for her veterinary work-up. We will be seeking a home with a resident cat (or possibly a dog or a bunny) or to adopt Bridget with one of our other hpcats.

Thanks to Erika and her husband for rescuing Bridget and thank you for the generous donation. However we strongly disapprove of your driving to Hyde Park, pregnant lady!

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